NB-journalism is an independent journalistic platform based in the Netherlands, that consists of Nienke Monnee and Bart Coolen. We have a shared passion for traveling, news, politics and stories of ordinary people who have to live under difficult circumstances. In addition to our work as journalists, we also work as lawyers. This explains our interest in stories related to human rights.

We make journalistic stories and documentaries with an open mind about people who are being suppressed or exploited anywhere in the world. We want to give these people a voice through articles in newspapers and on the internet. We focus mainly on women because they are often extra vulnerable as it comes to human rights.  

Nienke Monnee studied International conflict studies and worked as a volunteer for the Dutch organization ‘Stichting Vluchtelingenwerk’. As a photojournalist, Bart Coolen made stories for various media and travelled to countries as Afghanistan, Sudan, the Philipines and India. Together they travelled to Peru, Ecuador, Nepal, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Stories are published in Dutch Newspapers, magazines and on internet.