Senka Vukovic may be 70, she is still buzzing with energy. As a volunteer for the Red Cross in Bihac, this passionate woman is working seven days a week to make the fate of refugees and migrants more bearable. Every day she visits a refugee camp 10 kilometers outside the Bosnian city of Bihac, close to the Croatian border. Around 400 young men, mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, are waiting here for many weeks to cross the border of European Union. Most of them have already tried several times to cross the border but were send back by the Croatian police. The hilly border area is still full of landmines from the previous Balkan War and is therefore extremely dangerous. But because of the closing of other borders with fences migrants feel forced to travel through this dangerous border zone. Senka hands over maps in which the location of the minefields is indicated. A young man from Afghanistan misses his mother, Senka puts her arm around his shoulder Senka. “I understand how difficult it is for them and I try to help them to get in touch with their families. Sometimes all they need is to be heard,” she says. #redcross #refugees #migrants #humanity #volunteer #ifrc #mines #minefields #bosnia #croatia #war #border #europeanunion #eu #redcresent #migration #redcorssbihac #roteskreuz #rodekruis #creuroja